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My name is Briana, I am a twenty-nine-year-old student enrolled in the School of Hard Knocks and currently a Junior at the University of Florida in pursuit of a PhD in psychology with a specialization in addictions and mental illness.  I have been practicing altruism for more than two decades which has made a life of martyring second nature.  Due to the exponential advancement in technology I started this website to put myself out there for you to utilize.

I am a strong advocate for living life without a filter.  Albeit not the easiest path to take, its benefits indubitably outweigh the suffering, perpetually coercing unconditional acceptance of all things as they are, leaving no room for personal perspective, or as I define it, judgment.  I have been alone my entire life, not fitting in anywhere, always the weird introspective of the group.  Consequently, I formed an esoteric relationship with the man upstairs or whomever that element is.  I adhere to the altruistic principles that He suggested I follow about which I cannot complain because his promise to guide and protect me throughout the process has yet to be unconfirmed.

I have a lot of experience with pain and even more experience dealing with it on my own.  I promised myself to never be ungrateful for experiencing all the factors that led up to my psychosis because the payoff has always been knowledge, and how priceless that stuff is!  Knowledge is the rudimentary drive behind my misunderstood love for unreservedly helping others.  By helping one person (simply just listening) the more knowledge gained for helping others faced with similar struggles.

I have an unbridled passion for knowledge; while helping others remains the purpose of my existence.  I have found satisfaction from knowing the entire gamut of my essence, something I long to help others achieve.  You deserve it….

Live and Learn

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