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‘There is nothing either good nor bad, but thinking makes it so.’  -Shakespeare


My philosophy of helping others is simple and effective.  Listen, observe and reflect.  The notion that we cannot change people resembles the same truths of the fact that we cannot convince another to take their own life.  Life choices are the only tangible facets of reality we own.  Thus, all I can offer is an empathetic mind, body and soul to those who have or still are fighting the struggles that I too inherited from life choices akin to own.

Are you stumbling in the shoes I once wore?  (Honestly, I still wear them depending on the weather).  I understand, I empathize, and I will love you for trusting me to walk alongside you in them.  It takes one to know one.  When we reach that pinnacle of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs we finally accept not only ourselves but every form of life.

Judgment is a choice, neither reality nor truth, simply a perspective.  When people use a lens of their subjective it tends to take away from the objective…the obvious…the science.  I inexorably believe that self-will is the only evil that resides here on Earth.  This philosophy is based on the notion that if everyone were selfless, how would evil prevail?  If everyone, at this very moment, remained selfless how could evil intention be sown and flourish?


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